5 Years of UPentreprise: Celebrating a Journey of Success and Achievements

What a feeling of pride I feel today on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of UPentreprise! Yesterday, the entire team set sail for a high-sea excursion to celebrate the event, and I found that this activity perfectly reflected the allegory of what we have experienced over the past 5 years, developing technological solutions for our clients while growing our business.

In successful entrepreneurial recipes, we often hear “customer first,” and from an internal perspective, it’s a true modus operandi and a daily priority! However, THE CREW is the element that makes the journey (the experience) possible; it is thanks to this crew that I can affirm that we create quality journeys by navigating through a phenomenal amount of essential parameters that are part of this experience. Today, I want to thank my CREW, most of whom are in the photo of this post, with an entire support ecosystem around us. Thank you for giving me the desire to travel again and again!

Even in a blue ocean, THE SEA is not always calm; we experienced it yesterday, it was quite rough! What’s beautiful about our experience after 5 years is that the sea doesn’t always need to be calm; sometimes it’s very turbulent, and yet we manage to stay on course, laugh, and shout for joy when we catch a good wave. I want to thank our clients for opening up a vast world of opportunities for us every day and allowing us to accomplish what we do best and what we tame to do together, which has never been done before. Each adventure is unique and fuels our desire to navigate both known and unknown seas.

When UPentreprise was founded, we initially had only a tiny sailboat, and the wind played a crucial role in venturing out to sea and embarking on larger and more elaborate adventures. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to my friends, my parents, and everyone who told me “go for it” and infused the necessary WIND to move forward.

This little sailboat that transformed over time into a beautiful ship that goes farther and faster. Today, it has the stability and robustness to go far from the shores, making this adventure even more captivating. For THE BOAT, I want to thank Desjardins Entreprises who, five years ago, provided the means to launch this first sailboat that has since adapted and transformed over its growth.

For those who know the world of technological development in detail, you know that what we do every day is not simple and requires increased and sustained presence of mind. THE MARINE CHART allows us to gather a large amount of information before starting our work. For this, I want to thank CDÉJ – MRC de Joliette and especially Moustakbal Ayoub for repeatedly reviewing our MARINE CHART, partly to have the confidence to acquire the boat and to ensure that we set sail in a sea full of opportunities.

When heading out to sea, a plan is needed, or at least knowledge of the conditions and the path that will be traveled. There are routes destined for more swell, and there are safer routes. For THE NAVIGATION PLAN, I want to thank my business mentors Stephane Gauthier and Emanuel Paquin who take the time each week to ensure that we take the best routes, making the experience even more enjoyable and consistent for everyone.

No one is tireless, and even though I derive pleasure and passion from maneuvering THE HELM, it’s good to know that we can take a break and have others in charge of navigation alongside us. Special thanks to Vince Masse who, for the first four years, allowed me moments of respite and took THE HELM many times to share navigation time. A huge thanks to the product and project managers of the company who now take turns keeping the course with me.

A good captain keeps the morale of the CREW, spends days watching THE SEA even when onshore, stays in THE WIND, and surrounds himself with those who generate it. It’s a source of great pride to have a beautiful BOAT in order and always ready, constantly questioning the MARINE CHART to determine new NAVIGATION PLANS before taking THE HELM.
So, with the utmost humility, I take the time to thank and congratulate myself for cultivating the desire and will to be a good CAPTAIN.

Thank you all, and here’s to a long life in the wonderful world of navigating the technological waters. If you want to go on a beautiful journey, even around the world, or be part of THE CREW, feel free to come aboard UPentreprise; the experience is always there!

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