#weareup: Dreams and teams work together.

UPentreprise is located on two continents to help small and medium-sized businesses in our region to be more efficient in the face of labour shortage.

Guillaume Bleau

President and CEO of UPentreprise Services Inc.
and director of UPentreprise
Outsourcing Services (Private) Limited

I am passionate about my clients' projects, their successes and their evolution. From PowerCorporation to Cossette to Yellow Pages to SME consulting, I have developed a keen interest in reviewing the way SMEs operate inspired by the largest models.

Our company reflects this mix of large models adapted to a human-sized company.

Passionate about interoperability, I spend my free time doing comparative analysis of SAAS solutions on the market. My determination is the success of your project in a progressive and evolving context.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I have mastered the fundamentals of a good marketing strategy. I am seen as a marketing and sales specialist. The key to success lies in understanding the context in which the client operates, which is why I always focus first on what I call the big picture. For me, every decision of a company must be strategic and therefore requires the maximum of information. It will be a pleasure to establish a growth plan with you.

Vincent Masse

M. Sc. Management Strategy
Vice President

Partners and collaborators

Those without whom nothing is possible. Here is our team dedicated to the realization of your projects by adopting the best practices in terms of software development.

Hansamali Fernando

Product Owner

Amarinda Prabhashwara

Full Stack Engineer

Chaminda Karunaratna

Full Stack Engineer

ranga 1
Ranga Madushanka

Office and Human Resources Manager

Julien Spagner

Business Analyst

Marlon Jansz

Accounting Growth Hacker

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