Automation of tasks

Free yourself from work overload with the integration of connected digital tools.

Maximize the benefits of digital transformation with business software integration and task automation.

Whether it is to reduce the amount of tasks in your accounting, manage your production or optimize your marketing investments, the use of online platforms to facilitate management is undeniable today. Take your productivity to the next level with task automation by making information sync up everywhere. You can finally
get rid of these burdensome tasks
and manage your business efficiently. Our team of experts can make sure that:

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Accompaniment in digital transformation for SMEs

Meet with one of our consultants free of charge to determine how automating your tasks can optimize your business management.

Three plans of
digital transformation proposed:

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Digital Marketing

Increase the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts with a sales process optimized for conversion. Regardless of the communication channel used, you will be able to generate data that will be used to maximize the impact of your advertising campaigns.

The Customer Relationship Manager is the basic tool to automatically store and classify the information of people in contact with your company. With this data in hand, you will be able to send them more targeted messages and offer them a more personalized service.

With the Qwlir sales tool, you’ll be able to create great personalized service offers with just a few clicks. Easily create proposals with information from your CRM and tailor them to each customer’s needs in an automated way.

Send automated messages to your customers according to the different stages of conversions and their buyer profile. Personalized emails and SMS get a higher open rate and therefore lead to more use of your services or purchase of your products.

Marketing’s best allies are data. With them, it becomes easier to target your customers and better meet their needs. UPentreprise offers you a digital transformation plan focused on centralizing marketing data from all of your company’s touch points. Whether it’s via Facebook, email or phone, you will be able to take advantage of every sales opportunity available to you. Don’t wait, come and discuss it with us by chat, phone or email!

Reap the benefits of task automation applied to all areas of your business through the magic of

Are you already using some software?
No problem! No matter what platform you use, we will be able to create the connections between all of them and make the most of their integration.

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Project management

Improve the profitability of your projects by ensuring effective coordination of all stakeholders in your production. Move your projects forward in Kanban mode to better visualize planned activities. Maintain control over the progress of each person’s tasks while allowing your team a high degree of autonomy.

The project manager allows you to centralize the work of all your collaborators in one place. You will be able to start your projects with predefined templates including the list of tasks specific to them as well as the people who must be assigned. Get a rigorous follow-up on the progress of the projects by taking into account the estimated time of the tasks.

Keep track of the time spent on each task to stay on top of cost overruns. With our Harvest integration, you will be able to determine the maximum amount of time for each task, employee and project in order to measure their profitability. Send your time reports to your billing system to gain even more efficiency.

Synchronize all team members’ calendars to have a constant view of deadlines. You will have a good idea of the tasks to prioritize on the day to finish on time. Synchronized calendars make sure we don’t forget anything in our to-do list.

At UPentreprise, we know all about projects! Our experience has shown us that having the right information at the right time is the key to achieving increased profitability. The use of a unified dashboard, time management system and other collaboration tools ensures efficiency within work teams. It’s time to take your productivity level up a notch by integrating task automation! Don’t wait, come and discuss it with us by chat, phone or email!

Reap the benefits of task automation applied to all areas of your business through the magic of

Are you already using some software?
No problem! No matter what platform you use, we will be able to create the connections between all of them and make the most of their integration.

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Automation of project management tasks - Digital transformation
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Cloud-based accounting

Free yourself from the administrative burden of running a business with features that will simplify your work. Access to a continuously updated dashboard, automated billing and periodic reporting are among the most notable benefits. By allowing you to keep an eye on the financial health of your business, cloud accounting is the path to more informed business decisions.

Cloud-based accounting has proven itself in the business management world. Managing your invoicing and accounting data online opens up all sorts of possibilities such as automated payment of recurring invoices, sending reminders for late payments and accounting for expenses by project, to name a few.

Let’s face it, keeping track of your invoices is probably the least interesting job in the administration. Over the course of a fiscal year, tons of receipts have accumulated and are just waiting to be reconciled in the right expense line. UPentreprise offers you the use of artificial intelligence to capture the amounts of your paper or digital invoices and automatically assign them to the right accounting line.

Reap the benefits of task automation applied to all areas of your business through the magic of

Are you already using some software?
No problem! No matter what platform you use, we will be able to create the connections between all of them and make the most of their integration.

Frequently asked questions:

Obviously, it all depends on your industry, but in general, the use of digital tools (software, platforms or applications) has a significant positive impact on the productivity level of companies. The digital transformation and the automation of tasks allow, among other things, to better serve its customers and to reduce the administrative tasks required to manage a company. We can say with certainty that you will obtain profitability gains by using the tools we will propose to you.

Yes, that’s right! As long as you use 1 or more applications, connections are possible. An email box, a cloud accounting software and even a Facebook page are examples of applications that can be automated. This applies to both start-ups and expanding companies.

The purpose of this meeting is to draw up a portrait of all the operational flows of your company, i.e. a diagram of the tools used and the information that flows through the various departments of your organization. Before you start buying or subscribing to “Software as a Service” (SaaS) software, it is imperative to clearly identify your needs. Some software may have interesting features but do not match your management style.

During the meeting, one of our experts will take the time to understand your company’s business model and the market in which it operates. You will be asked a series of questions to identify the areas of your operations that could be reducing your profitability or slowing your growth. We take the opportunity to list your tools and take an objective look at your current management methods.

Shortly after the meeting, we will be able to propose a digital transformation plan that consists of the integration of tools and measures that will benefit your company. This action plan includes a digital development schedule to achieve value creation objectives for your company. Training sessions are included to ensure a controlled digital shift.

The number one factor for success is the openness of managers to the change that the digitization of work brings. Being interested in the process and taking part in it already demonstrates the organization’s willingness to evolve. It is also imperative to start with a clear plan of what you want to accomplish with the integration of technology and understand the impact it will have on your daily work life. Next, we select tools based on their ability to meet your current and future needs. Keep in mind that they should lighten your workload, not make it heavier. Ultimately, taking these steps with a specialist is the best way to increase your chances of enjoying a successful digital transformation. We therefore advise you to meet with one of our experts. It’s free, and we’d love to hear from you!

Interoperability is the ability of a product or system, whose interfaces are fully known, to work with other existing or future products or systems without access or implementation restrictions.

A distinction must be made between “interoperability” and “compatibility”. To be simple, we can say that compatibility is a vertical notion that makes a tool work in a given environment while respecting all the characteristics, and interoperability is a transversal notion that allows various tools to be able to communicate – when we know why, and how, they can work together.

The advantages of using cloud tools are multiple. This is a cost savings because there are no upfront costs. We can also talk about accessibility. Moreover, all data is always there, without duplication from one software to another. Probably the most important benefit is the growth with use. Indeed, it is possible to add users or access more advanced features as and when needed.

However, these programs have their drawbacks, especially at the start-up stage. Some services are exceptions, but you usually have to configure your software yourself, and that requires some basic knowledge. Gaps can also occur during a service failure of the internet provider or the on-demand service provider. It becomes impossible to access your work tools. Ultimately, since the integration of these software applications into business processes may be a long-term goal for the company, it is imperative to master the application programming interface (API) and to develop bridges between the software applications so that they can communicate.

The good news is that most of the drawbacks can be overcome by using a certified consultant or interoperability specialists like us!

An SME can acquire an automated invoicing system or a cloud-based accounting system at a low cost while respecting a certain internal rigor, because such software no longer requires the purchase of an expensive license. You only have to pay a subscription fee to start using them, in the logic of software as a service (SaaS). As long as the company pays its monthly or annual fee, it can enjoy the service.

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