Advise and equip companies for a digital transformation adapted to their needs.

Taking advantage of digital tools
to become more efficient!

Whether your company has little or no management software, we are here to help you define your needs in order to optimize the management of your operations through a 360° digital transformation

The essentials of

Digital transformation in the enterprise

We offer a personalized support service for the integration of various digital tools into your management processes. No matter what area you are looking to improve your efficiency, UPentreprise will help you achieve greater profitability.

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We define your target audience and then choose the media to best reach them according to their habits. The implementation of a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is necessary to capture information from prospects who contact your company.

Our team intervenes at several levels such as:

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Improve the process of customer conversions

Generating new leads, segmenting your customer base and maintaining a lasting relationship is essential for stabilizing and growing your business.


Information management is critical and must be optimized. No matter what software or applications you use, we will find ways to make them easier to manage with interoperability.

Our team intervenes at several levels such as:

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Use automation to reduce repetitive tasks

Automation reduces the amount of manual data entry into each system by creating communicating bridges between software.


Do you have an idea of what needs to be improved in your business or do you have a concept that could have an impact on a market? Nothing is impossible! Entrust the development of your prototype to our team of experienced programmers.

Our team will accompany you in:

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Maintaining a leadership position through innovation

In the end, it all comes down to the competitive advantages that the company has in the market. Developing your own customized tools is conducive to achieving an optimal management structure.

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