The WooCommerce development agency you have been looking for.

UPentreprise is the perfect agency for those looking to take their WooCommerce store development to the next level. Our experienced e-commerce developers are here to make sure your custom solutions are tailored fit, high-performance, and fully scalable.

  • Scalable solutions for all needs

    Our team of veterans can provide a wide range of WooCommerce development services - from mild to wild. We'll work with you to ensure that your project meets all expectations, timelines, and budget restrictions.

  • High performance and reliable security

    We understand how important reliability and security are for any e-commerce project. That's why we make sure our solutions are always up to date with the latest technology trends and guarantee maximum performance.

  • Tailor-fit solutions just for you

    Every business is unique - so should be their online stores. We create tailor-fit solutions that match your specific needs, making sure your store stands out from the competition.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

    Our commitment is customer satisfaction - we provide top-notch service, top quality code and comprehensive support all the way - ensuring that you're always getting what you paid for!


Get your WooCommerce store up and running today!
  • Everything from a website
  • Online payment
  • Advanced features for sales
  • eCommerce Hosting

Experienced WooCommerce Developers

Our experienced WooCommerce developers are experts at creating beautiful stores that will create an unbeatable customer experience. Whether you’re a small business or enterprise, we’ll make sure you have the right ecommerce setup to meet your goals – from UI/UX to checkout and loyalty.

We have worked with so many WooCommerce Plugins over the years that we have a broad knowledge of the plugins available on marketplaces and we know the capabilities of existing plugins to make sure your business maximize what is already available to generate quick wins on your e-Commerce.

Deep WooCommerce Plugins knowledge

Custom WooCommerce Plugin Development

It does not exist already? We will make this unique feature that no one else thought about for you! Our team has developed multiple custom WooCommerce plugins and add-ons to existing plugins to ensure a tailored and personalised experience for your users and your business.

Recurring revenues is the best revenue for any business model. We have multiple use cases of Subscription-based configuration we have made using WooCommerce. Sit back and relax watching monthly subscription fees of your customers being automatically debited and deposited into your account!

Subscription WooCommerce Configuration

Membership WooCommerce Configuration

You have very unique content or community that no one else on the Web has? Our experienced team can seal that content or community to be accessible only by your select membership users. With a membership WooCommerce configuration, unlock paid or non-paid content to a privileged group!

Already all set with WooCommerce but facing some issues or want to have advices on how to leverage some of your e-commerce capabilities? We have you covered! Our developer and consulting team offer WooCommerce Support Services to make sure you are optimizing your website use at all time!

WooCommerce Support

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