Establish the digital portrait of your company with our Diagnostic for SMEs

Just like in a doctor's consultation, you will have to answer a series of questions that will help us make a diagnosis and intervene with solutions.

UPentreprise has established a diagnostic process targeting 5 main areas of management.

Each of the spheres is addressed by questions about its level of definition in the structure, the energy and time it requires, the quality of its outputs and finally its level of computerization.

We are here to advise you in the choice of management solutions for SMEs.

Whether you are a solopreneur or an entrepreneur working with a small team, the digital diagnosis offered by UPentreprise is the first step towards greater profitability. Our recommendations will help you will allow Identify where the value creation is in your processes to define your optimal structure and finally reduce your management time.

Why do a diagnostic when you are just a small business?
Don't know where to put your energy?

Let's talk about your business

For 1.5 hours, our consultant will ask you questions about your perception of your business operations. Both the level of definition and the time spent on these tasks will be treaties by our questions.

When you start a business and have few resources, it is easy to accomplish the management tasks generated by your activities. However, when growth occurs, these tasks become redundant and we realize that they bring very little value. The diagnostic will highlight those operations that, when digitized, will generate more value for the company.


A well-structured company ensures better profitability!

You are free to conduct the integration process yourself or to use our consulting service.

Our company in brief

UPentreprise advises and empowers small businesses to optimize their processes as well as market, sell and serve their customers through digital transformation by equipping them with better tools to support their growth. Our organization differentiates itself through its digital diagnostics, customer dashboards and a continuous development methodology inspired by AGILE. It develops in Joliette for Canadian customers thanks to a consulting team offering a support service tailored to the realities of client companies.
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