Customer acquisition, retention or re-engagement is the lifeblood of any business. That's why the first pillar of our strategies is based on customer conversion through various digital sales tunnels.

What is the desired outcome of the advertising campaign?

What means to take to achieve these results?

What amount of money spent will ensure a minimum return on investment (ROI)?

When will be the ideal time to launch marketing offensives?

What is the target? How does it behave? What are they looking for?

The essential steps of a

Successful digital marketing campaign

Before jumping into advertising spending, there are a few essential steps to take to get the most out of your investment. Let's start by discussing your strategy:

Is your company optimally structured to increase sales?

We have the expertise to program customer conversion funnels, from their first contact to their final purchase.

The process of acquiring your clientele requires the implementation of several qualification steps that must be integrated until the decision to purchase is made. Our team will know:

Let's choose the right communication tool to reach your customers.

With our expertise in the most used advertising media, you will get concrete results for your marketing. We take care of your account setup and we also monitor your campaigns for optimization purposes.

Do you need a website that generates sales leads?

For a complete redesign or creation of your website, our designers will be happy to design it according to your needs. We can integrate plug-ins that will allow you to do more with your website such as:

Online store

Online sales by Canadian wholesalers and retailers now account for 26% and 23% of their total sales respectively. 

Website and/or eCommerce

Our company in brief

UPentreprise advises and empowers small businesses to optimize their processes as well as market, sell and serve their customers through digital transformation by enabling them to acquire better tools to support their growth. Our organization differentiates itself through its digital diagnostics, customer dashboards and a continuous development methodology inspired by AGILE. It develops in Joliette for Canadian customers thanks to a consulting team offering a support service tailored to the realities of client companies.
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